Financial advice ‘best from the net’

When looking for information on financial products or services, 57 per cent of people would use the internet, it has been revealed.

A poll by the Fair Investment Company found that 12 per cent use banks or financial advisers for advice or details about finance, seven per cent would read the newspaper and two per cent rely on trade magazines.

The television and even “a chap on the train” were cited as other possible source of monetary information.

David Doulton, director of the firm, remarked: “The results from our research show how popular the internet is for research.

“People are using it as a reliable tool in their decision making about important and complicated issues such as financial products and services.”

Although they did not choose to elaborate, ten per cent of poll respondents cited “other” as their first point of call.

A study by YouGov revealed that 45 per cent of people have used a price comparison site when seeking financial information.

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