Finance no grounds for separation say couples

Nine out of ten adults in the UK would not consider ending a relationship if they discovered that their partner had secretly run up large debts.

Instead, almost eight out of ten UK residents would forgive their partner and help them work through their finance problems.

Two thirds of people claim to be completely honest with their partner about their bank balance, and eight out of every nine say they are always completely honest about their finances.

“People can easily get carried away when they’re in a relationship and not worry about their partner’s financial habits,” said finance analyst Alison Nicholson.

“Thankfully, our research proves that in the vast majority of cases partners can trust each other when it comes to money. If you have any joint financial commitments with a person you’re financially associated with their behaviour and it will have an impact on your creditworthiness,” she added.

Analysts warn that sharing financial management with a partner unable to manage their borrowing can affect your future credit rating and reduce an individual’ s ability to find the best credit card rate deals or best homeowner loan rate offers.

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