Fancy a summer road trip? Donít get caught out without right insurance

Everyone wants to go on a road trip. Whether you’re planning to take the caravan to France, just driving into oblivion or whether you have a specific plan to follow your favourite baseball team across America, road trips can be great summer fun.

In fact, millions of us will be taking their own car abroad this summer. The problem is, not many of us are also up to speed on the insurance required once you cross the Channel.

The worst case scenario is that you’re caught short without any insurance at all and that could mean hefty fines, repair costs and worse. So it pays to check now that you have the right car insurance to meet your needs.

The devil’s in the detail – car insurance abroad

The good news is that your current car insurance policy will cover you for 3rd party insurance – the minimum you’ll need – if you take the car out of the country. So if the worst comes to the worst and you cause an accident you can count on your car insurance to bail you out of any medical bills and repair costs caused to someone else’s vehicle.

However, in many cases even if you’re covered with comprehensive car insurance at home, you won’t automatically be covered for your own medical costs, hospital expenses and vehicle repair costs unless you fork out for an upgrade before your trip abroad.

Research suggests that around a quarter of all comprehensive car insurance policies will limit your cover to only three days outside the UK. That’s barely long enough to get yourself to the Mediterranean Sea before having to turn around. Fortunately on average you can expect a decent period of free foreign cover if you have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy – typically 56 days.

To Do List

If you’re going on a road trip this summer don’t take your car insurance for granted. Use this handy check-list to ensure you don’t come in for a shock on holiday.

1. Read your car insurance policy! You may already be covered for your trip – but you may not!
2. If you’re not already insured, make sure you buy a policy that covers you abroad Click here to compare the deals.
3. It’s a good idea to print off all your relevant policy documents and phone numbers before you travel and take them with you.
4. If you have an accident abroad you might need a crime number from local police in order to be covered – don’t leave the scene until you have details from the authorities.

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