Expensive house prices ‘tend to be clustered’

The most expensive house prices in each region tend to be in the same area, it has been noted.

A study by Halifax revealed that the ten most expensive streets in the country are in London, with ten of the leading 20 in the capital being in the Royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

This includes Wycombe Square, where the average house cost is £5,401,447.

In the south-east, Surrey has most of the costliest streets, while Cardiff dominates Wales, Solihull is at the top end in the West Midlands and the area stretching southwards of Manchester into Cheshire is the most expensive in the north-west.

Such findings indicate that those looking to find affordable homebuyer loans should seek to concentrate on areas away from such expensive clusters.

Overall, UK house prices have been going up in recent months, with November’s member survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors revealing that there was a positive balance of 35 per cent reporting a rise in prices.

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