Expense ‘causing heating bill cuts’

The cost of heating homes is causing some people to cut back, despite the cold weather, it has been claimed.

Housing charity Shelter said that in spite of Britain seemingly being on course for its coldest winter in 20 years, 27 per cent of bill payers are keeping their heating down to save money.

Some of the people doing this could be struggling with debt management problems and trying to avoid matters getting worse.

People in this situation may benefit from a debt management plan that may help them to pay their bills without freezing in the snowy weather.

According to the charity, this situation could affect 1.4 million children and noted that the extra 37,000 deaths seen last winter compared to warmer months included many youngsters, as well as old people.

The government issued advice to householders this week on how to keep warm in the cold snap, which included stating that room temperatures should be kept between 18 and 21 degrees C.

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