Everyone for tennis – it’s Wimbledon

It will the richest Wimbledon ever with record prize money of more than £11.2 million on offer to the players fighting it out in SW19 over the next 13 days.

British fans will be hoping at last for a home-grown man to take the title with Andy Murray the new great hope alongside Tim Henman who might just have one last chance. Then again he might not…

For the first time women will earn the same as men. Defending Men’s and Women’s Champions Roger Federer and Amelie Mauresmo will be battling it out to defend their crowns and for a £700,000 cheque when it all ends on July 9th.

Fans will also be battling it out for tickets to get into the rebuilt stadium with more than 500,000 packing into the world famous ground over the 13 days. Of course it might last a bit longer than 13 days if the rain sets in.

MoneyExpert.com has put together this guide to the numbers of Wimbledon so you’ll have all the facts and figures to hand if the rain sets in and Sir Cliff starts singing…

Cut-price Wimbledon

You don’t have to be well-off to get into Wimbledon although it does help. It’s possible to do Wimbledon on the cheap. Ground passes cost just £16 for the day and £10 after 5pm. Once you’re inside it can be possible to buy a resold ticket for £5 after 3pm.

But of course Centre Court for the final is a different story – there it’s £83 a go if you can get your hands on one.

It’s more than tennis though..

  • More than three million people in the UK play tennis every year and the average age to start is now 12 compared to 17 in 2000
  • There’s been a 55 per cent rise in the number of junior players in the UK since 2003 – around 464,000 kids play nowadays
  • Around two billion people worldwide will watch the tennis at Wimbledon on the TV with about 10 million in Britain watching every day
  • Wimbledon has been going since 1877
  • There will be 128 players in the singles draw of both the men’s and the women’s event and they’ll use 42,000 balls over the tournament
  • But what about the strawberries? Around 27,000 kilos will be eaten at the Championships along with 7,000 litres of cream
  • They’ll be washed down by 335,000 cups of tea
  • And then there’s 312,000 bottles of water drunk
  • Around 95,000 pints of beer and lager will be sunk
  • Tennis wouldn’t be tennis without Pimms. And there’ll 80,000 half pints of Pimms drunk plus 12,500 bottles of champagne.
  • But people also need to eat – and 12,000 kilos of smoked salmon will be
  • Plus 140,000 portions of ice cream
  • And nothing is more British than fish and chips – 30,000 portions of fish and chips will be eaten.

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