ëPower to Switchí Campaign Benefits 130,000 Households



ëPower to Switchí Campaign Benefits 130,000 Households

Just a month after the introduction of the ëPower to Switchí campaign, 130,000 households in England, Scotland and Wales have saved over £38 million by switching energy providers. Price comparison sites endorsed by Ofgem have revealed that the savings made have risen dramatically compared to the same period the year before.

The data specifies that there was an 80% rise in the amount of homes who switched whilst there was a huge 193% hike in total savings. Furthermore, the average amount saved for dual fuel switches came to £312, a figure 60% greater than the previous period.
The campaign was initiated by the Department of Energy & Climate Change, and implored people to go to BeAnEnergyShopper.com and save money by switching their supplier. It has been a massive success and generated over 350,000 hits.

Summing up the campaign, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey stated: ìOur campaign has helped put millions of pounds back in peopleís pockets- and thousands have benefited. A huge increase in switching in a four week period shows that people want better deals from energy providers- and our reforms to the market have driven competition and made that possible.î

Amber Rudd, the Energy and Climate Change Minister, had similarly glowing remarks about how the campaign has raised awareness and saved money for many people. She commented: ìWhat a terrific response to our campaign- thousands are better off and taking advantage of more competitive deals on the market. Itís not too late- even more people can still switch and save today.î

The campaign is part of a programme advanced by the Government to improve the energy market so that consumers get the best deals possible. The reforms include the introduction of switching times meaning now it takes 17 days to switch suppliers compared to last year when this would take 5 weeks.

Additionally, the Government has worked hard to inspire new energy suppliers to join the market. This scheme has been a success and there are now 21 independent providers available to consumers.

Furthermore, they have implemented legislation designed to support the reforms recommended by Ofgem. The recommendations included ensuring that energy firms produce bills that are much clearer for their customers to understand whilst also offering them substantial information on how they can switch suppliers.

Energy UK will be releasing the data pertaining to electricity switches across the campaign period in April and May this year.

For those thinking of switching and saving money, more information is available at BeAnEnergyShopper.com or you can speak to the Energy Saving Advice service by calling 0300 123 1234. For those potential switchers located in Scotland, call Home Energy Scotland instead on 0808 808 2282.

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