Energy Saving causes financial concerns for Brits

British worries about being ëenergy efficientí could be more trouble than they are worth, according to the latest research.

Over half of people think that being ëgreen ícan save them money, yet 13% are concerned that it could prove too expensive.

Research by a price comparison website found that a third of Brits think that solar panels are for those who can afford it. However, 69% of people believe that they are a good way to reduce energy bills.

Over the last two months, the UKís leading energy suppliers have increased their prices. This has added an extra £200 to the average dual fuel bill.

Many people are now looking for ways to reduce their energy bills. However, there is a widespread view that ëgoing greení is too expensive.

The research found that 2.1 million Brits believe that itís more important to save money than the environment.

“In the age of rising energy prices, consumers now understand the need to cut back on the amount of energy they use,î said Kevin Sears, from uSwitch. 

ìHowever, there is still a common fear that energy efficiency costs the earth and that the outlay will outstrip any savings. But with some measures saving more within just one year than the initial cost, being more energy efficient can benefit your bank balance as well as the environment.î

There are many ways in which you can reduce your energy bill. Changing a few simple habits could save hundreds of pounds down the line.

Firstly, you should shop around for the cheapest deal available to you and start a tariff, which is easy for you to manage.

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Here are a few useful tips:

1. Donít leave electrical goods on standby
2. Use energy efficient light bulbs
3. Turn your heating off during the day
4. Wear extra layers indoors
5. Keep the heating in with thick curtains and proper insulation

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