Employees spend nearly 200 hours a year commuting

Employees spend nearly 200 hours a year travelling to and from work, according to the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

As part of the Work Wise UKís Commute Smart Week (14-18th November), the TUC published figures showing that commuter times add around five weeks of extra work per year.

The research found that the average commute for men is 26% higher than women. Men spend an average of 6.2 minutes longer travelling to work than women. Over the course of a year, men will spend an average of 219 hours commuting, compared to just 174 for women. This is a difference of 45 hours in 12 months.

This gap is the largest in the South East where men will spend 8.8 minutes longer on their commute compared to women. In the East of England this is 8.6 minutes and for Scotland it is a total of 7 minutes.

London has the longest commute times for both sexes at an average of 37. 8 minute per journey. Northern Ireland has the shortest with a commute of just 22.4 minutes. A recent report from the Office for National Statistics found that those who commute for longer tend to earn more than those with shorter journeys to work.

Road congestion is a serious problem for those driving into work. Many drivers have reported experiencing ëroad rageí when they are in a rush to get to their destination.

ìBritish workers are frustrated at the amount of wasted time caused by long, arduous journeys to and from work,î said Phil Flaxton, Chief Executive of Work Wise UK.

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