EDF complaints practically double after price hike

The number of complaints about energy giant EDF have increased by a massive 91% in the last year according to Consumer Focus, the consumer watchdog.

Direct complaints to EDF energy have increased significantly and the company has since apologised for failing its customers.

Five of the ëbig sixí energy suppliers have seen a significant rise in the level of complaints in the three months up to the end of September. Consumer Focus said that it was not surprising that complaint levels have risen following the extortionate recent price hikes.
Adam Scorer, Director of External Affairs at Consumer Focus, said; ëIt is disappointing, but perhaps not surprising, that complaints on energy issues have risen at a time when energy bills are increasing. Energy companies have repeatedly said they want to rebuild consumer trust. Good customer service and complaints handling are key ingredients to building consumer trust but suppliers still have a long way to go.î

Between July and September, complaints across the entire energy industry increased by 26%. EDF energy had the highest level of complaints and has seen its star-rating drop. Npower and E.ON have also seen their star ratings drop with the overall industry average falling from 4* to 3*.
ëComplaints about EDF Energy over the summer have had a catastrophic impact on its rating,î continued Mr Scorer.

ìWhile system changes inevitably cause disruption to customers, this must be minimised. Its current complaints performance is unacceptable and the company must take further steps to tackle this.î

EDF increased its price of gas by 15.4% and electricity by 4.5%, which came into effect on November 10th.  This was the smallest price hike across the leading six energy firms. However, across prices rose across the industry by an average of 20%, adding an extra £200 to the annual dual fuel bill.

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