Driving to work is the “most stressful journey”

The daily trip to work is a nightmare journey for 12 per cent of Britons, according to car insurance company swiftcover.com.

The survey also said the other major traumatic drives were bank holiday excursions and going to do the weekly shop.

For 64 per cent of drivers the volume of traffic on the roads is the main cause to get stressed, followed by other people’s slow or poor driving and road works.

Craig Staniland, director of underwriting at swiftcover.com, said: “Gone are the days of driving for pleasure. Our roads are now busier than ever, so it’s no wonder people are finding these regular journeys so stressful.”

The survey also showed that more women than men sing along to music in the car to relieve stress. Men prefer to rely on SatNav to guide them.

Earlier research by car insurance company esure.com revealed that 90 per cent of Britons use their car horn “inappropriately” and that the average driver beeps three times a day.

Craig Staniland highlighted how relieving stress can reduce the number of accidents, resulting in lower car insurance premiums.

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