Driving us to distraction

There’s no getting around it – now isn’t a great time to be a driver in the UK.

Fuel duty is rocketing and vehicle duty is on the increase for gas guzzlers – and all of this on top of the already sky high fuel prices drivers have been suffering. If your car is leaving a dent in your pocket then it could be time to look at your car insurance premiums to see whether or not you’re getting the best deal.

With almost 200 insurance policies on the market there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to your car and most of us aren’t afraid to switch around with almost a million of us switching every month.

Follow the formula

When it comes to getting the best deal there’s a bit of a formula you need to follow, the first step of which is to look at the level of coverage you need as the details of what is and isn’t covered varies significantly between policies.

Norwich Union policies for example will generally cover an inbuilt car phone you might have while insurers such as MMA will not.

There are hundreds of different clauses like this and it’s important to decide, for example, whether you think you will need any cover for trailers you might attach to your car and if you do how much. Once you’ve read through the clauses and decided what sort of policy you want the next stage is the application.

The form

The first thing to note about filling in your application is that it needs to be truthful, otherwise you could make your policy void and any accident that you do have might not be covered. There is however an art to making the most of your application by making it as accurate as possible.

All insurers will ask you how many miles you drive each year and what your car is used. But by being specific and not just guessing or selecting the default option you could save yourself money. So before you pick up a pen, or starting typing in your details do some preparation and get all the information together first.

There are a couple of other ways to keep your premiums as low as possible; the first is to look at the structure of your chosen insurers no claims fee structure.

No claims

By driving carefully and avoiding an accident, your premiums could be significantly lower, especially if you’ve stayed claim free for a significant period. With most insurers the cost of your policy will be around 30% lower if you haven’t made a claim within a year. If you’ve managed to avoid making a claim for five years this could be worth as much as a 65% discount. Make sure you get the proper reward for your careful driving and shop around because some insurers will offer even bigger discounts.

A driver’s delight

With so many costs involved in driving these days and with little sign that any of these will drop any time soon it’s important to make sure that you get the best deal out of your insurance. Follow the formula and read the policy carefully to ensure that you’re covered for everything you should be. Remember that buying online will normally save you up to 10% on the total cost of the premium so go online for the best deal.

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