Drinking coffee reduces the likelihood of having a stroke

Drinking three to four cups of coffee a day may reduce your risk of suffering from a stroke according to research by Larsson SC.

The study of half a million people found that drinking two cups of coffee could reduce the risk of stroke by 14%, whereas drinking three or four cups of coffee could reduce the risk by 17%.

The research showed variations between men and women and unfortunately for female coffee lovers, the optimum benefit they can gain from coffee was by drinking two cups, any more and risk of a stroke actually started to increase.

Men however can benefit from drinking three to four cups of coffee per day to reduce their risk of having a stroke.

Itís estimated that about 150,000 people have a stroke in the UK each year. If you are concerned about your health it might be advisable to look into private medical insurance.

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According to one health insurerís research, 59% of people say that they would consider paying to be seen privately if it meant they were diagnosed quicker. Just over half of those questioned said that they believe that they will need to wait for longer to be treated under the new government reforms.

Changes to the way that the NHS operates and a proposed squeeze in budgets are having a negative effect on the nationís view of the National Health Service.

45% of people believe that they will be denied treatment altogether by the NHS because of the new government changes.

The number of people who have been on an NHS waiting list for longer than 6 weeks has quadrupled in the space of a year.  Statistics from the Department of Health show that in June there were 12,521 people waiting more than 6 weeks for one of 15 key tests.

The research found that 9% of people pay for private medical insurance themselves and almost 20% of people currently have employers that cover the costs for them.

ìIt is staggering that 45% believe they may be denied treatment at some point in the future, while over half feel they may need to wait longer for treatment,î said Dr Pixie McKenna, known as one of the resident doctors from Channel 4 TV show Embarrassing Bodies.

ìExtended waiting times can often lead to an increase in stress and anxiety, placing more pressure on individuals who are already worried.”

Dr Ryan Mehta, Clinical Project Director, Bupa Health and Wellbeing UK, commented: 

ìThe take away message from this study is moderation. The research suggests that there is an optimum level of coffee consumption, which differs between men and women. Any more than this and the benefit is lost and the risks start to increase.”

To read the study click here.


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