Don’t cut corners, car insurance holders told

Holders of car insurance policies should leave nothing to chance when it comes to maintenance over the winter months, it has been advised.

Post Office Car Insurance said that those who cut corners when it comes to keeping their car in shape are putting themselves at risk, as this could lead to more accidents and higher subsequent premiums as well as physical danger.

Commenting that 48 per cent of motorists have cut back on repairs according to its own study, the Post Office disclosed that the most common failing was cosmetic – not repairing scratches or dents.

However, others allowed less air in tyres than normal, did not investigate squeaks or rattles and fitted cheaper or second-hand tyres.

RAC patrol ambassador Prakesh Patel said: “As the cold weather sets in, driving conditions are set to become even more dangerous, so car owners need to ensure their vehicle is maintained to a high standard.”

The warning comes as the Met Office warns of snow across the UK this week, although it said it is too early to guess whether a white Christmas is likely.

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