‘Disagreement’ over who wears the financial trousers

British couples seem to be unsure over who makes the financial decisions in their relationship, Halifax mortgages has found.

According to the firm, although 36 per cent of women said they were in control of money choices, just three per cent of their male counterparts agreed.

Despite only six per cent of females stating that their boyfriends or husbands made the financial decisions in their household, 36 per cent of men said they wore the trousers when it came to expenses.

Jaedon Green, head of mortgage development at the bank, advised: “No matter who holds the purse strings, whether it’s you, your partner or both, it’s important to seek sound financial advice to aid your decision.”

However, half of those surveyed said they make any financial choices with their partner.

This echoes similar research by Norwich and Peterborough Building Society which revealed that the majority of parents come to decisions on money together.

Out of 16 categories, couples agreed on 13 including the cost of a holiday or moving house.

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