Debt woes ‘causing mental illness’

Debt problems are directly impacting on people’s mental health, experts have warned.

According to the London Health Forum, there are 250,000 people living in the metropolis who are currently suffering problems caused by debt-related stress.

Such pressures have also led to 350,000 instances of people seeing their GPs in the past year with mental problems, the body has argued.

Director of the London Health Forum John Murray said that the health service could help in this by getting people to take a lead in dealing with their debts by seeking advice.

He said: “The NHS … needs to go on to a preventive footing by getting people to debt advice sooner, using the extensive channels of communication at its disposal.”

Earlier this month, spokesperson for the Consumer Credit Counselling Service Frances Walker said that many people in debt were finding the problem to be worsening due to the rising rate of unemployment.

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