Debt to savings ratio worsens

Britain’s ratio of debt to savings is at its worst level ever, it has been stated.

Figures from consumer website showed that for every pound put away, 32 pence is now being spent.

This comes after figures for the third quarter of 2009 indicated that savings levels dropped from £19 million to £13 million.

During the same period, the total amount of debt declined by only £1 billion from £5 billion to £4 billion, with the total amount owed still double what it was at the start of 2009.

Chief executive of unbiased Karen Barrett commented: “After the dramatic retreat from savings in favour of paying off personal debt in the first half of 2008, consumers are now slipping back into old habits, by borrowing around a third of what they save.”

Such a situation could mean that debt management problems are getting worse for many, while those seeking savings may wish to search further for good options while interest rates are low.

Spokesman for chartered financial planners Informed Choice Martin Bamford recently predicted that household budgets will come under yet more pressure in 2010, with more job losses and rises in both taxes and interest rates to come.

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