Debt ‘forcing parents back to work’

amid rising debts, a survey has indicated.

The study by Scottish Widows found that 11.3 million households (44 per cent of the total in the uk) require more than one salary to pay the bills, while 6.6 million (60 per cent) of those with children are in this situation.

In addition to this, families with children tend to have more mortgage debt, with the average amount owed being £91,648, up £3,000 in a year.

Protection director at Scottish Widows Clive Allison described the trend as “worrying”.

He added: “People are leaving themselves exposed to a lack of income should anything happen to the main breadwinner and large personal debt to repay on top of this could make things even more difficult.”

The risks could be greater still for households that have used credit cards to pay household bills.

A recent survey by housing charity Shelter found that one million households did this last year, a fact described as “terrifying” by co-founder of the Homeowners Advice Centre Chris Jenkins.

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