Debt is a “personal responsibility”

Debt is an individual’s own responsibility to manage, says Thomas Charles & Co.

James Falla, director of the debt counselling service, remarked that there is only so much a bank manager can do to help those with financial problems.

They can sit down and work out a budget and give them advice, he said, but ultimately it is an individual’s own choice how closely they follow that plan and manage their money.

Mr Falla added that for those who cannot afford their monthly repayments, a consolidation loan may be a good idea.

“You could consolidate your debt with one loan thus reducing the monthly payments to make them more manageable and sit within your budget,” he explained. “The bank would explain to you whether this was possible.”

According to a Co-operative Financial Services study, 80 per cent of Brits worry about the level of debt they are in.

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