Dangerous drivers put lives at risk because of motoring costs

Thousands of motorists are putting lives at risk by driving dodgy cars.
According to the latest research 1 in 3 drivers are cutting back on essential motoring maintenance to help save money.  British roads may be a haven for drivers with dodgy cars, which are not prepared for winter.
A further 1 in 5 are putting off changing bald tyres despite the onset of winterís icy conditions. The survey of 2,300 drivers across the country found that 1 in 10 have changed their insurance from comprehensive to third party to help them save money.
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60% of cash strapped drivers confessed that they donít get their tyres checked in preparation for winter.  A further 80% donít get their brakes checked because of the costs involved. The research also found that nearly 1 in 3 drivers have changed their car model to one that is cheaper to run.
However, it is vital the drivers ensure that their vehicle is up to scratch for the winter weather.
“Many people are having to cut back on expenses in the current financial climate, and motoring is one area that can incur hefty costs. Unfortunately it is also one area that can directly affect the safety of not just the driver, but other motorists and road users,î said, Gareth Robinson, managing director of Carrentals.co.uk
“The past couple of winters have seen treacherous conditions on our roads, so drivers should think carefully about what they cut back on. Car maintenance and checks are vital at any time of the year, but particularly in the run up to winter. It’s far better to save money by buying fewer clothes or missing a night out, rather than delaying a service or tyre change, which can result in lives being put at risk.î
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