Credit cards preferred choice of holidaymakers

Rising levels of credit card fraud have not deterred travellers from using their cards abroad, a study has found.

In fact, according to UK payments association Apacs, British consumers prefer credit cards to travellers cheques when it comes to spending overseas.

A poll undertaken by the body found that for most, convenience was the order of the day, as more shops and facilities were found to accept and be conversant with credit cards than with travellers cheques.

“With travellers cheques you’re having to pay a whole range of fees and in some cases, you just don’t find they’re acceptable in so many places,” a spokeswoman for Apacs said.

However, she also acknowledged that “a lot of countries don’t have chip and pin, so cards are more vulnerable in some places than they are in others”.

In other news today, the Daily Mirror has revealed that Britons going abroad will be charged around £615 million for using their debit and credit cards overseas.

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