Credit card users ‘will benefit’ from contactless payments

Holders of credit cards and debit cards are set to benefit from contactless technology, it has been stated.

A trial that has been launched by Mastercard in Boots outlets has been hailed by a spokesperson for Apacs, the UK payments association.

She noted that it could prove to be a useful method with which to pay for goods and services.

Customers can complete transactions of £10 or under using ‘tap and go’ terminals without having to enter a Pin number.

“We are already seeing a dominance in plastic card spending and this is just another way in which it might encourage people to use their plastic cards,” the Apacs representative remarked.

Recent statistics from the organisation revealed that debit card usage has been rising in recent years, while cash and credit cards have remained stagnant.

Around 24 per cent of transactions over £50 are carried out with debit cards, the body noted, while cash accounts for 21 per cent.

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