Credit card deals ‘can be confusing’

Shopping around for the best credit card deal can be quite confusing for consumers, it has been claimed.

In February, the Office of Fair Trading published a report advising people how to choose the best credit card for them. The guidelines were in response to a super-complaint from Which? claiming many borrowers choose a deal without understanding the full cost of the card.

Chris Tapp, director of money education charity Credit Action, stated that there are actions credit card companies can take to ensure people are more aware about the cost of their loans.

By displaying how much credit costs in pounds rather than percentages, consumers may find it easier to understand exactly how much they will end up paying, he said.

In addition, Mr Tapp claimed it can become confusing for people to clearly see the difference between cards charge the same APR, but differ greatly in charges associated with spending abroad and withdrawing cash for example.

“For consumers to be able to properly compare those, that sort of information needs to be available up front and not buried in small print where people cannot find it,” he said.

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