Credit card company lowers rates

Barclaycard has announced that it has lowered the annual percentage rate (APR) of two credit cards in its range.

The Barclaycard Premiership and Barclaycard Charity cards now have a typical APR of 14.9 per cent, which has been decreased from 17.9 per cent.

Those looking to compare credit cards and manage their finances with the best rate suited to their circumstances could benefit from the lower APR, which accompanies a number of features on each card.

A rate of zero per cent is applied to all balance transfers on the Barclaycard Premiership card for 12 months, with zero per cent interest on purchases of Premiership and non-Premiership tickets.

In addition, cardholders are entitled to a ten per cent discount at JJB Sports.

When holders of the Barclaycard Charity card make their first purchase, a donation of £5 is given by the lender to a fund split between four charities, while further donations of 0.3 per cent of each purchase value are given after this.

“These new lower rates mean customers can get an even better deal if they’re looking for a football credit card or a charity credit card,” said Amer Sajed, managing director of UK Cards.

A number of charity credit cards are currently available, including the American Express Red Credit Card and the Cancer Research UK card.

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