CPP: Don’t be an “easy target” for credit card fraud

Fraudsters are always seeking an “easy target” when it comes to credit cards, it has been claimed.

According to Danny Harrison, security expert at CPP, credit cardholders need to be vigilant with their plastic.

He advised people to be aware of where they are carrying their cards and how many they have, as well as being extra vigilant when shopping on the high street.

Mr Harrison warned that similar security measures need to be taken when using a credit card online, such as updating anti-virus and firewall software.

“When you are giving over your information, you need to know that those people are who they say they are and that they can be trusted,” he said. “Simple steps like these can certainly help reduce the risk.”

Checking that a website has the padlock security symbol is vital, he added.

London has been found to be the worst location for credit and debit card fraud and theft, with 20 per cent having had theirs stolen and 28 per cent having been victims of fraud, according to research by CPP.

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