Couples ‘going solo’ with bank accounts

Over 70 per cent of UK couples keep separate bank accounts from their partner, it has been revealed.

According to research from online payment provider PayPal, 56 per cent said it was just because they want to keep their own money apart.

Nearly a fifth claimed it was because they did not want to take responsibility for someone else’s spending and 12 per cent explained it was so there were no arguments regarding finances.

However, 15 per cent of couples said they argue about money more than any other issue, with one in four having a row about it several times a month.

PayPal UK spokesperson Cristina Hoole commented: “There is a growing trend emerging between partners and how they manage their finances, with people having separate bank accounts so they can keep control of their own finances.”

Ms Hoole added that arguments regarding money appear to occur more between couples who have been together a while, which she claimed may be because they feel more comfortable bringing up the “sticky” issue.

Halifax Mortgages recently found that 36 per cent of women claim to be in control of finances in a relationship, although just three per cent of their other halves agreed.

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