Costs of breaking up harsh says A&L

The end of a long-term relationship can hit your wallet as hard as it hits your heart says research by Alliance & Leicester.

The survey found that the average cost of re-establishing a life outside of a relationship averages £13,500 per partner once replacing jointly owned items was considered.

Only one per cent of people who have made a joint purchase in the past have considered signing a contract detailing how it would be divided in the case of a split.

Three per cent said that they had verbal agreements and an overwhelming 92 per cent believe that they would be able to arrange any division fairly, or had never considered the issue.

Nine out of ten adults in relationships in the UK say that they make joint purchases with their partner.

“It is understandable that most couples buy things together, whether it is a major purchase like a new car or minor purchases like CDs or DVDs, without thinking about what might happen if one day they split,” said Claire Alvet of Alliance & Leicester.

“However, if a couple separate it is going to be hard on the wallet as well as the heart.

“There are serious emotional issues that are quite rightly at the top of the agenda, especially if children are involved, but the cost of splitting up can last longer than the heartbreak itself,” she added.

Alliance & Leicester recommends a homeowner loan as the simplest method of covering the one off costs of a break up.

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