Consumers with money problems have many debt solutions to choose from

Families with financial difficulties can deal with them in a number of ways, such as a debt consolidation loan or reaching an agreement with companies that provide their mortgage or utilities.

Terri Bodell, The Stress Doctor, who is a trained clinical psychotherapist, gave some advice to those struggling to cope with their outgoings.

"I would recommend that people sit down and look at their finances. Actually sit down with a piece of paper and write down every single outgoing that you've got. Look at them and work out which ones you really don't need," she said.

Consumers can also phone the companies that provide their mortgage or gas and electricity to tell them if they are facing financial difficulties.

That is because companies will be more sympathetic if consumers tell them in advance that they are struggling and they could even make an agreement that will see the person paying less money each month, Ms Bodell explained.

"Those companies prefer that than if you stick your head in the sand like an ostrich, pretend it's not happening and hope it goes away – it doesn't. Then what happens is that you get into deeper debt and your stress levels rise even further," she added.

Therefore, families that have debt problems should deal with them head on rather than ignoring them as they will get worse.

There are also plenty of debt solutions available to people who are struggling to cope financially.

One option could be a debt consolidation loan, as these lump the outstanding arrears into affordable monthly repayments.

The debt may also be cleared faster as the loan will have a lower rate of interest than the original debt.

The only downside is that debt consolidation loans are difficult to obtain if the consumer has a poor credit rating.

Another option could be an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), as this is a formal agreement between a debtor and their creditors.

They will agree how much the debtor can afford to pay each month over the term of the IVA, which is usually five years. If the debt is not cleared in this time it will be written off.

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