Consumers in Wales and north-east may need debt management

People living in Wales, Scotland or the north-east may be more likely to need debt management help than their counterparts in the south-east and London.

That is because these areas have been more affected by unemployment than London and the south-east, Phil Flaxton has stated.

Mr Flaxton is the chief executive of Work Wise UK, a not-for-profit organisation which wants the UK to adopt smarter working practices.

He said that Wales and the north-east of England have been hit the most by rising levels of unemployment, although it is still tough for London.

This could mean that more people in Wales need to seek debt management help if they have been made redundant.

Unemployed people without savings to fall back on could resort to borrowing money through credit cards or loans to fund their living.

They could also get into arrears on their rent, mortgages or household bills, meaning they need debt solutions.

Those who do have plenty of options such as a debt consolidation loan, debt relief order or individual voluntary arrangement (IVA), to name but a few.

Brits can check out these debt solutions and their benefits and disadvantages on a price comparison site, such as Money Expert.

For example a debt consolidation loan lumps all outstanding arrears into affordable monthly repayments, which tend to have less interest than debt itself.

An IVA is an agreement between a debtor and their creditors. The borrower repays however much they can afford each month for the length of the iva.

This is usually around five years and if the debt has not been repaid in this time, the outstanding arrears will be written off.

Mr Flaxton said: "I thought we would see a rise in the amount of people that was still continuing to live on credit.

"But my understanding from what I have read is that generally speaking, there has been an increase in the amount of people that are running up credit card bills but of course, that applies to those that can manage their finances."


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