Consumers get ‘most annoyed’ at being charged for not paying by direct debit

Consumers may want to start shopping around for utilities and insurance products online, as these are some of Britain's biggest 'little rip-offs'.

According to new research by MSN Money, there are certain things that annoy consumers the most.

The poll found that 17 per cent of Brits get annoyed about being charged for not paying bills by direct debit, as some utility providers add admin costs to bills paid by credit card or cheque.

It was also found that 16 per cent of UK adults get annoyed with having to pay premium rates on some phone numbers, while 11 per cent are unhappy with the price of food and drink at the cinema.

Simon Ward, senior editor of MSN Money, said: "At a time when every penny counts, it's clear that most of us are fed up of these little rip-offs, which ultimately all add up.

"While some are avoidable, many are not, which makes them all the more galling."

Brits looking to save money on products such as utilities and insurance may want to use a price comparison site, such as, to find the best deals for them.

British Gas has recently launched a new boiler scrappage scheme that may help homeowners reduce their energy bills.

Anyone can take advantage of the scheme which offers £400 off a new Worcester Bosch boiler, which should be more energy efficient than an old heating unit.

Less energy will be used and wasted when it comes to heating a home and water, meaning Brits can save money on their energy bills.

Those annoyed at having to pay extra for not paying their energy, broadband, mobile or satellite TV bills by direct debit can easily set up an arrangement with their provider.

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