Consumer suspicions grow on Chip and Pin security

Cash machines are widely mistrusted by the general public, whose security suspicions are growing thanks to reports that fraudsters have found ways round Chip and Pin security.

The research also revealed that around 20 per cent of the 6.2 billion card transactions every year are done offline, meaning that the card’s authenticity goes unchecked.

“Chip and pin security is fallible,” a spokesman for credit payments association Apacs, which conducted the survey, told the Times.

Recent research has suggested that cash machines are not always able to discern the difference between genuine cards and cards that have been cloned.

More criticism came in research from tech firm Foviance which found that people are “frustrated with the usability of ATMs and in fear of their safety when using them at night”.

Banks were also criticised for using screenings as advertising hoardings to push their best rates and inconsistency in the operating systems used.

The company conducted the research by sending volunteers to attempt basic functions on HSBC, Barclays, Halifax, NatWest, Woolwich, Nationwide and Travelex machines.

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