Co-operative Financial Services in new green initiative

Consumers interested in ethical banking may be interested to know that Co-operative Financial Services has restated its commitment to green issues.

The organisation has said that from now on it will be maintain its position as a carbon-neutral corporation.

In a further development, the financial services provider says it will also increase its carbon offset spending by ten per cent to account for any environmental damage its operations may have previously caused.

David Anderson, chief executive of Co-operative Financial Services, said: “If we are to continue to fight climate change, all organisations must look to reduce their current and past carbon footprint wherever possible.”

Carbon offsetting is a measure becoming popular with environmentally minded companies.

It usually involves them donating money to green projects in order to offset any damage their business causes.

Research conducted recently by Marks & Spencer Money suggests over a fifth of investors give consideration to ethical investment when choosing an account.

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