‘Christmas movers are preparing for extra expense’

More than half of people moving home in the run-up to Christmas claim there festive budgets will not be affected, according to new research.

Alliance & Leicester claim nearly a quarter of people buying houses will move in the 12 weeks before Christmas.

Ten per cent of movers began budgeting for the upheaval and expense earlier in the year and nine per cent say they plan to cut down on Christmas spending in order to make up for the additional costs.

Director of mortgages for the bank Stephen Leonard commented: “It is very encouraging to see many people are planning ahead to budget for their moving costs and saving in advance to ensure it doesn’t have a big impact on their Christmas.”

Nearly one in five of the festive movers admitted they will not be able to meet the expense of the holiday because of the relocation expenses and two per cent are relying on credit cards or loans to afford presents and festivities.

British shoppers are expected to spend £53 billion on Christmas this year, according to UK payments service Apacs.

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