Christmas list culling for friends and family

A third of Brits have cut down their Christmas gift list this year, with work friends and old school mates missing out more than most.

Three people, on average, will be getting the chop from this yearís Christmas list, according to research from a price comparison website. 

Friends are the first to go off the list as cash-strapped consumers seek ways to make their Christmas credit stretch further.

Consumers are expected to spend an average of £528 buying gifts for 10 people this year, with 70% of them spending the same or more than in 2010.

Over half of those polled said that dropping friends from their list was one way of cutting back their seasonal spending.

A further 31% of people are even removing family members from their list with in-laws being the most likely to get crossed off first.

Brothers are next off the list, followed by sisters, nephew and cousins. Surprisingly though, only 1% would leave Grand-dad or Grandma without a gift.  

The study also found that 16% of people were refusing to buy gifts on the grounds that people had not bought them one.

Jeremy Cryer, Go Compare’s Head of credit cards commented; “Christmas is traditionally a time of year when friends and family gather together to celebrate and exchange gifts. 

ìHowever, the festive season can add a significant burden on those who are already struggling to make ends meet. Worryingly, 20% of us will either go overdrawn or run up credit or store card debts simply to pay for Christmas presents.î

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