Chip and pin countdown

Scatter-brained Britons have just four weeks to ensure that they have memorised their pin numbers. After this cut off point they may find themselves barred from signing for in-store purchases on their plastic.

The new chip-and-pin system has worked well over the past year, say organisers, with credit card fraud reduced by a third.

Stores still currently allow shoppers who have forgotten their pin numbers to sign for goods, leaving the door open to potential criminals. This will end on Valentine’s Day, however.

“The countdown has begun but the only people who need to be aware of it are the minority of those with chip and pin cards who are not using their pins and they really need to get ready if they want to be sure of using their card after February 14th,” said Sandra Quinn of the Chip and Pin Programme.

“If a cardholder is unsure of their pin they should contact their card company now who will issue a reminder. If a cardholder is finding it difficult to remember their pin they can change it to a more memorable number at any cash machine.

“And if they find that their card has become locked they should contact their card company who will advise them on how to unlock it,” she added.

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