Child poverty ‘has increased for five years’

The level of child poverty in families where at least one adult works has been rising since 2004, a new report has stated.

A study entitled Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion – published by the Joseph Rowntree Trust – noted that the number of children in such a situation is now 2.1 million, the highest figure since records began.

The report noted that this tally has been growing for the last five years, ruling out the possiblity of this simply being a result of the recession.

Such a situation may lead to more families having debt management issues to deal with.

Reflecting on the news, Child Poverty Action Group John Dickie said that government policies aimed at getting more people into work are clearly not enough to solve poverty on their own.

He argued chancellor of the exchequer Alistair Darling should use his upcoming Pre-Budget statement to introduce “wider measures to tackle in-work poverty”.

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