Check terms carefully, car insurance browsers advised

Consumers using comparison websites to search for cheap car insurance online have been advised to take care to look at the details of the product.

According to the Co-operative Bank, many people just look for the cheapest car insurance quote.

However, the bank advises consumers to look at what is included in the quote and assess whether it will fully meet their needs.

Spokesperson Duncan Bowker said: “Look at the whole package of what you’re getting in terms of service proposition, and the quality of the claims service that you may or may not have to use.”

He added that consumers who always plump for a lower-priced product can easily end up paying the same or more as what a more expensive product would have cost them by having to add on services that are not included in the package, such as foreign use cover.

In related news, a study by Kanetix has found that men are three times more likely than women to pick up a speeding conviction, which may negatively affect their car insurance quotes.

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