Check tax entitlements, parents told

Families could be financially struggling while unaware that help is available in the form of child tax credits, it has been stated.

Joint chief executive at the Daycare Trust Emma Knights stated: “One of the things that parents miss out on is the fact that childcare tax credit exists.”

She added that because it is “complicated”, some do not realise they could be entitled and noted that it “goes a lot further up the income bracket than people would expect.”

Ms Knights said the Daycare Trusts’s own website was one of the ways in which parents could see if they are entitled to claim the credits.

Such action could be one way in which families might improve their financial situation.

Other solutions could involve taking on financial products that earn more or charge less interest.

Charity End Child Poverty said that 2.3 million children will be living in poverty in 2010, a rise of 170,000 in 12 months.

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