Charities welcome action on tenant repossession protection

A government move to change the law in order to offer better protection for tenants from the threat of repossession has been welcomed.

Citizens Advice, Shelter, Crisis and the Chartered Institute of Housing – all of which joined forces to call for more rights for tenants on the matter – hailed the result of an early day motion in parliament, which saw over 100 MPs backing the changes.

It came after the four charities revealed that more tenants were being put out on the street due to property owners defaulting on their mortgages.

Citizens Advice chief executive David Harker argued that it was not fair for those renting property to be punished for the debt management problems of landlords.

He noted: “In the last year Citizens Advice bureaux have seen around 1,000 cases where private tenants were facing sudden homelessness because their landlord was being repossessed.”

Elsewhere, the Rugg Review has identified problems in the rental sector, such as owners exploiting vulnerable tenants.

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