Change of government ‘could have major impact’ on housebuilding

The level of new home construction in the UK is likely to be affected by a change in government, it has been argued.

Editor at online new homes firm Dino Wilson said an end to the current Labour administration would “almost certainly” herald changes in regulation, something that could affect those seeking mortgages.

He expressed concern that this could lead to less homes under Conservative plans to abolish central targets and give powers to decide on planning to local authorities instead.

Suggesting councils might not look to maintain previous targets imposed by Whitehall, Mr Wilson stated: “This could potentially reduce housing output further, augmenting the housing shortage crisis in the process.”

He forecast a shortage of new homes in London and the south-east will be seen in 2010, predicting this will cause their prices to rise by three per cent next year.

The number of new homes being constructed in England in the third quarter of the year was up 18 per cent on a seasonally-adjusted basis to 25,820, according to recent figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

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