Chanelle reveals all about surgery plans

Chanelle reveals all about surgery plans

Damn celebrities, when they are not busy being richer than the rest of us, they are being given things for free just because they are famous. This week, Big Brother’s Posh Spice lookalike Chanelle Hayes has announced that she is considering, ah, enhancing her assets through cosmetic surgery, adding that she could even receive the costly op for free!


She recently did a rather racy shoot for lads’ mag Nuts and revealed (excuse the pun) that she may be keen to add to her cleavage. She said: "I’ve been offered a free one. I’m a 32B but I want to go up to a D-cup, just so there’s a little bit more to play about with," the Daily Mail reports.

For the average Brit, surgery is unlikely to be free and so if they are keen to change their appearance to recapture their youthful looks they will have to wait and save or consider a loan. Last year, high street bank Abbey published a survey which showed nearly one million British adults plan to borrow a "whopping" total of £1.4 billion in order to pay for plastic surgery.

The bank suggested that the sight of bronze, buff celebrity bodies being displayed through the media has caused many people to become concerned over their lack of curves or the places in which they curve too much. It revealed breast augmentation is the most popular procedure, followed by tummy tucks, after which nose jobs are the most commonly-requested treatment. Paul Morrish, head of Abbey Loans, said: "Whether striving for visible perfection or as part of a medical treatment, plastic surgery is getting more and more popular amongst Britons. We are seeing an increase in requests to borrow for plastic surgery."

Improving with age

Research conducted about a year ago by Axa revealed that it is not just celebs and their fans embracing the plastic surgery possibilities but that more than 230,000 British pensioners have sought to improve their looks and preserve their youthful features by going under the knife. Alison Green, spokeswoman for Axa, said many current pensioners can afford such treats as they have been given generous pensions by their employers and have benefited from a boom in property prices. "Those currently in work, who would like to afford this type of lifestyle in retirement, need to think very carefully about the income they will receive and how they could finance such luxuries," she urged.

So unless the would-be patient is already retired or a celebrity, it seems such treatments can be difficult to finance. A personal loan may appeal for those who cannot wait to achieve their dream physique. Recently, finance reporter James Coney wrote an article for the Daily Mail which called for prospective borrowers to avoid taking an unsecured personal loan in response to an advert. They should shop around for the greatest deals on offer rather than simply choosing their current savings account provider, he added.

Cosmetic surgery on credit

There may be some Britons who plan on paying for plastic surgery with a credit card, particularly for smaller and more routine procedures. However, James Falla, managing director of debt counsellor Thomas Charles, recently warned that many people are finding their borrowing limit is being reduced as their lenders respond to the effects of the credit crunch.

It is almost always possible to find credit for larger purchasers but Britons may find that in the current climate they are being charged more for their borrowing than they would if the lenders were feeling more secure. Those who want to keep up with celebrity bodies as well as fashions should do their best to ensure their credit history is as squeaky clean as possible in order to secure the most favourable financial deals when borrowing the required funds.

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