Celebrities ‘pay more’ for car insurance

Celebrity is to be classed as an official occupation by one insurance provider.

Elephant.co.uk explained that with the increase of overnight celebrities such as reality show stars and Wags, they were finding it hard to ignore the fact that for some customers, being a celebrity is exactly what they do.

In a study it claimed that Big Brother stars such as Jade Goody would pay 22 per cent less for car insurance if she was a dental nurse and if Brian Belo had remained a data entry clerk he would be paying 40 per cent less to cover his vehicle.

“We just wanted to point out that being famous does also have its downsides and often there’s a price to pay for such fame,” said Brian Martin, managing director of the insurance provider.

“Celebrities have to pay more for things like insurance just because they are famous,” he added.

Sainsbury’s Bank claims that despite the fact that shopping around for car insurance could save consumers £124, one in five do not bother to obtain more than one quote.

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