Cash strapped drivers delay repairs on their car

Motorists are delaying essential maintenance and even driving illegal cars in a bid to save money, new research has revealed.

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Research by Britannia Rescue has revealed that almost a quarter of motorists admit to their car having a defect that renders it illegal.

A further 14% say their vehicle is in urgent need of repair, with the most common problems being faulty brakes, broken windscreen wipers and defective brake lights.

This equates to around seven million illegal cars on the road in Britain. It was found that one in five drivers do not realise that defective brake lights render a car illegal, while 19% are unaware that driving with faulty brakes is also illegal.

ìAt a time when money is tight and fuel prices are on the increase, motorists are looking to save cash where they can,î said Peter Horton, Managing Director of Britannia Rescue.

ìSacrificing car maintenance is a false economy, which not only increases the risk of breaking down but also puts those travelling in the car in unnecessary danger.î

The research found that drivers are delaying repairs to their car for an average of four months or more, with one in seven taking as long as six months to get a repair.

Two fifths of drivers said it was simply too expensive to repair their car, while a quarter donít see the repairs as urgent because the car still runs.

ìIn these tough economic times we all need to tighten our belts, but scrimping on road safety isn’t the place to start,î added Mr Horton.

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