Cars ‘most likely to break down today’

British drivers are 63 per cent more likely to break down today than any other day of the year, according to Britannia Rescue.

The firm reports that January 2nd is a “difficult” day to drive as there is likely to be poor weather, heavy traffic and many cars are more likely to either fail to start or break down after being unused during the Christmas period.

Andrew Beard, spokesperson for the firm, said: “To prevent new year break downs drivers should not only ensure their car undergoes its usual checks and services but they should also take it for a short spin at least once over the festive period.”

He also recommended that motorists take out the additional housecall option on their car insurance policy as this will cover people whose car fails to start.

Sue Longthorn, managing director of Admiral car insurance, recently claimed that high pass rates combined with low accident rates made January the best month to sit the driving test.

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