Cars ‘more likely to crash today’

There are likely to be more car accidents today than any other day of the year, claims Admiral Insurance.

According to the firm, January 18th has seen the highest number of accidents than any other day in the year and most collisions occur on a Friday.

Therefore today is set to be a “calamitous crashing combination”, it reports.

Sue Longthorn, managing director for the firm, claimed that there is no definitive reason for there being more accidents today, but that perhaps people’s minds are occupied with other things.

“They haven’t been paid for a while, the bills are coming in, it’s dark, the weather’s often foul and the fun of the festive period is a long and distant memory,” she explained.

Britannia Rescue has claimed that more cars break down on January 2nd than any other day, attributing the increase to poor weather, heavy traffic and vehicles being started after periods of non-use over Christmas.

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