Car thieves ‘stealing better cars’

Car thieves are increasingly targeting cars towards the top end of the market, new research has indicated.

A study by LV= found that the average value of a stolen car rose by 38 per cent between January and May this year.

This indicated an acceleration of a trend that has seen the mean worth of such cars increase by 44 per cent since 2007.

Managing director of car insurance at LV= John O’ Roarke commented: “Owners of top-end vehicles, like Porsches, BMWs and Jaguars need to be even more vigilant to keep their cars safe.”

Such issues may be of interest to those looking to renew their car insurance.

In further car insurance news, it appears women are less likely to need convicted driver insurance for drink-driving, as they are more likely to take on board warnings about this offence.

A study by specialist women’s car insurance provider Diamond found that only two per cent of women would consider driving their car after consuming two units of alcohol, whereas six times as many men would.

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