Car accidents ‘rise after time change’

The number of car accidents rises significantly in the week after the clocks go back each autumn, an insurer has said.

Zurich Insurance stated that there is an 11 per cent increase in accidents in the week after the switch from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time each year, compared with the previous week, which it said is unlikely to be coincidental.

Spokesman Mike Quinton commented: “It’s possible that drivers get used to driving their regular routes in broad daylight, then find it hard to adjust to suddenly doing the same journey at the same time, but in the dark.”

The inclement weather common in autumn may add to this, he stated.

Such a situation can mean those with car insurance face higher premiums as a result of accidents occurring at this time of year.

Car insurance provider RIAS recently said eight million drivers add to their risks by not taking extra precautionary measures during winter months.

It noted that 21 per cent of motorists fail to have their water, oil or windscreen wipers checked at any time bar their annual MOT.

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