Buying a pet Then you need pet insurance. We explain why

A new pet may seem the perfect present but it can also become the most expensive. Many of us fail to understand the true cost of owning a pet and do not look at the potential time and expense if a pet suffers ill health.

It has been estimated that 40 per cent of the cost of owning a dog goes towards unexpected vet’s visits. Even routine treatments can cost many hundreds of pounds with more complex procedures running in to the thousands. With almost half the UK’s pets needing veterinary care each year, according to the Pet Health Council, Pet Insurance is a must

How much will a vet charge?

A cat typically can live for 14 to 15 years and a dog can live up to 13 years or more. Vet fees for treatment of common conditions include up to £500 for an abscess, £3,000 for injuries following a road accident, £1,000 for removal of a lump or tumour and £500 a year for arthritis, according to specialist insurer Petplan.

What should my pet insurance cover?

The best pet insurance plan should cover vets’ fees, treatment for long-term conditions, death by illness benefits, death by accident benefits, rewards and expenses for stolen or lost pets along with dental treatment cover.

It is important to be aware that pet insurance is designed to cover the unexpected so vaccinations, preventative treatment, spaying, castration, pregnancy or illnesses diagnosed before you take out a pet insurance plan are normally not covered.

Questions to ask and consider before taking out a pet insurance policy
In order to make sure you take out the best possible pet insurance plan you should consider the following questions:

  1. Is there a limit on the total amount I can claim each year?
  2. Can I only claim once for each condition?
  3. What is the excess – how much will I have to pay from each claim?
  4. Can I get cover for my pet for the whole of its life?
  5. Does my cover include legal fees if my pet causes an accident or if my dog attacks someone?
  6. Will they help pay for advertising if my pet is lost?
  7. Does it cover of a replacement pet if it is stolen?

A healthy choice

It is very important to remember that almost one in two pets need veterinary care each year, therefore, it is more than likely your pet will need major treatment at some time in its life. Yet according to the Pet Health Council approximately only 15% of UK pets are covered by pet health insurance.

Vets also recommend health insurance for pets because it allows them to do the best for the animal without the owner having to worry whether the treatment costs can be afforded.

What Next?

So if you decide that pet insurance is the right way to go, we can help you compare pet insurance from the leading UK pet insurance companies and get a free quote. Get your free pet insurance quote now

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