Buy and Fly credit card given UK release

A new credit card has been launched that gives consumers points depending on the amount that they spend on it.

Irish company Buy and Fly states that for every Ä10 spent, shoppers receive one point on their credit cards.

Consumers are furthermore offered about 500 points for they first time they use cards with Tesco being one retailer to accept the product.

The Thrifty Scot reports that pre-paid credit cards and reward cards have always been popular as they give something back.

It adds: “Customers who use Buy and Fly regularly will be rewarded with points than can be potentially spent on a number of different things.

“It is definitely a good marketing ploy by Buy and Fly and it is one which customers everywhere will love.”

According to recent research by Nationwide Building Society, the average British holidaymaker abroad is spending up to £81 more than is necessary by using the wrong credit card.

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