Budget ‘must help’ elderly struggling with savings

Elderly people suffering from low savings rates and fuel poverty must be helped through this year’s Budget, it has been argued.

Kate Jopling, head of public affairs at Age Concern and Help the Aged, has called upon the chancellor to include measures for the elderly in his announcement, due next week.

She noted that pensioners are experiencing problems in the wake of the economic downturn, such as their income from savings being curbed by interest rate cuts.

One suggestion made by Ms Jopling was more automation for the benefits system, as many older people miss out on payments that they are entitled to.

She remarked: “We cannot allow a fifth of pensioners to remain in poverty simply because these benefits are not taken up.”

A campaign has been launched by Age Concern and Help the Aged calling for the Budget to tackle matters such as rising job losses for over-50s and high prices for food and fuel faced by the elderly.

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